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I am interested in making this site as useful as possible to Alfisti and afficionados alike
I need feedback as to whether this info is hitting the right spot. Without it, I will just assume that everything I do is perfect, and then the government will collapse, dogs will sleep with cats and soon the ants will take over the world.... or something like that anyway.

Whatever, if something is missing, tell me.

If a photo or description is not clear, tell me.

If you have done something similar and think I am mistaken, or your solution is better, or even just a good alternative, tell me.

If you have any queries, ask me.

If you have any suggestions about the conversion tell me.

Whatever, I would appreciate your help in making the most of this site.

Les the Gringo
I recommend anyone who has this much interest in Alfas to go to the 33 Discussion Website:
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